If your business operates within the manufacturing sector, then it is vital that you work with an insurance broker who understands the high-risk nature of your line of work, and the unique risks you face.

At Miles Smith, we’ve been arranging insurance solutions for manufacturing businesses for over 40 years. We can arrange cover for the full scope of manufacturers risks’, from physical damage and any interruption, to protecting directors and employees, as well as a number of key liability policies.

  • We can offer an independent review of your current insurance provisions
  • We may be able to offer reduced premiums for companies who have a good health & safety history
  • We have a proven history of arranging comprehensive cover and flexible levels of cover to suit each business
  • We can arrange standard insurance products and specialist solutions

Due to the unique risks faced by businesses operating within the manufacturing sector, it is vital that you work with a proactive insurance broker who supports you throughout your term, not just in the lead up to renewal. We have over 40 years of experience working with manufacturing businesses, therefore we understand the nuances of the industry, and have vast expertise in arranging manufacturing insurance solutions and providing risk management advice to these businesses.

When we work with new clients, we work closely with you to understand exactly how your business operates, where you spend your time, and what the future for your company looks like. We then present our findings and discuss the detail of the insurance coverage and the risk management solution we are suggesting, as well as identifying any claims trends, if you have historically struggled with a high-volume of claims.

Arranging cover for just the standard insurance products can seem like a sensible commercial decision, but it may leave you exposed.

Take cyber-attacks as one example, according to the government, 81% of large businesses and 60% of small businesses suffered a cyber-attack in the last year. With the average costs for cyber-attacks running into the hundreds of thousands of pounds, we work with you to ensure you are aware of all the risks you face, not just the most prominent.

Manufacturing Covers

Our approach to arranging an insurance solution for manufacturing businesses is tailored to each organisation we work with, ensuring you are aware of all your risks and have the cover that you need. The covers we consider for manufacturing businesses include:

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Test Case Study Case Study

This is a test case study

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Buildings insurance icon

Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance protects your business’s property should it be damaged by fire, flood, burst pipes...

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Contents and Stock icon

Contents and Stock

If there was an incident at your business premises and you lose stock, equipment and...

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Crime icon


The impact of fraud can be wide-ranging. Crime cover helps protect you from both internal...

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Cyber icon


A cyber policy is designed to provide support and protect your business if it is...

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Directors’ and Officers’ icon

Directors’ and Officers’

Directors’ and Officers’, or D&O as it is often referred to, offers financial protection against...

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Legal Expenses icon

Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses cover is provided as an extension to a number of policies and is...

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Material Damage and Business Interruption icon

Material Damage and Business Interruption

At Miles Smith we are constantly evolving our insurance offering to meet the needs of...

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Motor Fleet icon

Motor Fleet

Motor Fleet cover is recommended for businesses that operate with a number of vehicles that...

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What is insurance covers does Miles Smith Cover?

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If I am too busy to see a representative from Miles Smith what can I do?

Whilst we always prefer to undertake a site visit to fully understand your business requirements, at Miles Smith we appreciate your business requires daily management. If you are unable to accept a visit then we will happily conduct our exercise via phone or email.

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